{Origamic architecture structure by Ingrid Siliakus}

The first day of the Pop-up Book class went really well. We went over three structures and my class jumped into making their books with both feet. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when we get to talk about their concepts for the full-length book, not just the mock-ups.

There are ups and downs to owning your own business. My major bright spot this week is that I'm working on a few new custom invite designs. This is a sneak peek of one of them, based on the lace from the bride's veil. I'm super excited with how it's turning out. The downer is that I have to raise my prices a bit to keep up with rising prices elsewhere. I knew this was coming, but I hate having to actually implement the change. But, it's officially a reality...I signed in to order more paper tonight and the prices has increased a full 25% in the last week! This seems crazy to me, especially since there was already an increase within the last year and there was no warning. Very sad, indeed.


karen said...

rachael, it's beautiful!
the pop-up book class sounds like so much fun! you should have a mini-showing of them at the end of the week!

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

yeah i'd like to see the results of those too (wouldnt mind doing the course myself actually!)