one of those days

Calendar printing has been going quite well, until today! And today wasn't actually that bad, just a few snags. The first major snag was that one of the plates was wrong. I thought I would have to re-order it, but I was able to cut it apart and piece it into the correct position. It took a while, but not as long as it would have taken to reorder. The second snag was actually a terrified panic that I didn't have enough paper to finish the last page of the calendar. I finally found half a ream of paper hidden in my studio, just enough - hooray!

The rest of my day...a veggie coyote at Dog Town with Shanna, Parliment, sore right shoulder, new paper order, hot shower, print club board meeting, email, send proofs to client, amazing Obama pictures.

Calendar pre-order ends next week. Pre-orders received a complimentary note card and free shipping.

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MeganMonday said...

Hey there R-
Speaking of the Rochester Print Club... can you tell me the date for the dinner? I need to organize getting that Carol Wax print!!! :)