Bring it on

When I was growing up my mom would take the first day of the school year off from work. She'd stay home and steam clean the carpets and just generally get things in order for the start of Fall. But the best part of this day off was start-of-school-dinner, usually stuffed shells and always apple pie. My sister and I would get home and the house would be super clean and smell amazing.

When I started grad school I started this tradition on my own and have continued it every year since! This year is no exception...and school started today. After finishing my syllabi, a slide lecture, photocopies and desk organization I headed home to make a big dinner. I actually went a little overboard and decided to make and freeze meals for the next few weeks, too. I made stuffed shells, roasted tomato soup, two pot pies, flat bread pizzas, and the apple pie. And after all that, I think I need to make some whipped cream for the pie!