no more pine needles

We took down our Christmas tree and decorations last night.  I'm always a little sad to pack everything up and put it in the attic until next year.  I love the cozy glow of the tree.

This year on Chirstmas Eve my grandmother (Oma) had all of the grandkids and aunts draw numbers out of a little bowl. Only after we drew our numbers did she tell us we could pick out any ornament from her tree to take home (in numerical order, to be fair).  I picked out this little Hummel figurine boy and my sister picked out the matching girl Hummel.  Oma actually has a pretty large collection of Hummels and I'm so happy that I got to add this to my Christmas tree.  Even better, my mom has the same set and she said one day my sister and I will each get one from her, so that we will each have a complete set. Seems so perfect to me!

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A Beautiful Party said...

What a sweet thing to do. I love my grandparent's tree, it's filled with so many amazing vintage ornaments. Glad you got such a neat one!