So far I've had a really wonderful weekend.  Friday night one of my good friends organized a ladies meet-and-greet at 2Vine.  The food was incredible (pear martini, beet salad with bleu cheese, ravioli, tartlettes, mushroom risotto, fresh donoughts, homemade ice cream) and it was so nice to finally meet colleagues from the other area universities and put some faces to names.  We talked a bit about work and conferences and more about food and puppies.

And today we took a trip to see the new baby our friends just brought home.  Such a sweetie and although she slept most of the day, we got to hear some angry bath time resistance.  It was a full day and so great to see our friends since we don't often get a chance to just hang out with them.  Hoping to do this more frequently this year!

(beet salad from TheCookingPhotographer and tiny drawing by Amanda Blake)

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