good updates

I don't know if I mentioned this here, but I've been having some pain in my left hand for a few months. I finally got to see an orthopedic specialist today and the news is good. I only have tendonitis, not arthritis like I had been delusionally envisioning. As treatment I got a shot to lubricate the joint, which felt like fire running up my finger. I should be on the mend soon!

And...I finally have a real mailing list set up. I'll be sending periodic updates for new products and special promotions, but I promise, not too many! I'd love it if you'd sign up.

On Monday I have a very special new launch that involves the talented Jacqueline Bos. You may remember when I previously gushed about her work last year. Well, we finally met in real life and have developed a really wonderful collaboration. Check back on Monday and join the mailing list :)

(image from Jackie's I Heart the Arctic book)

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