Music for your Monday

I spent the weekend printing invitations for some very sweet clients. I've been on a Bill Withers kick, so naturally he played in the studio quite loudly and hopefully drowned out my singing. And I've started listedning to Cat Power a lot more, too.  You Are Free was the first album I ever purchased right on the spot after hearing it in Record Theatre during grad school. 


Jim said...


Kim Baise said...

When I was in grad school I got to silkscreen some t shirts in my tiny kitchen apartment for one of her shows. She wanted bright yellow ink on white t shirts. She is soooo cool.
My favorite song she sang then was Rockets (because her hollow vocals give me the chills).
<3 <3 <3
Glad I discovered your blog. It's right on!

@lizrincon said...

I was drawn to that song after seeing the same movie. It adds glamour to an otherwise dull workday.