Back to school shopping

As fall starts to settle in I always feel like I need to stock up on new school clothes. I love these pieces by Madewell, especially that awesome pintuck dress. And comfy sweaters? Sign me up.


abigail said...

I need that striped sweater.

heartalk7 said...

Your dogs remind me of our stray dog that adopted us (my husband James, and I). I called it 'Dog'. It was probably abused by the previous owner as it would snap at me or anyone especially if it's eating. Yet, it's like a baby, so playful jumping up at us whenever we arrive home. When it first came to us, one can literally see the bones sticking out. Today, it's filling out. The remarkable thing about it, is that it's a jumper! It jumps up onto our 7-ft concrete fence if the gate is locked! I hate it when it whines. However, it's a great guard dog - it guards our compound as zealously as it guards it's food.