Jake participated in his first cyclocross this weekend. It was pretty intense and even though it was his first race he chose to do the 45-minute event instead of the 30-minute race. He's so stubborn! I am so proud of him for finishing it, even though his pedal broke off right before his final lap. That just meant he had to push or carry his bike through the course aside from the downhills. And...he was one of only two people riding a single speed bike. How's that for stubborn and determined!?


SodaPopGirl said...

ah ha! see what happens when twitter goes down! I get to look at all the cool blogs i have been meaning to look at... and comment even. Cycling and design. There is someone out there like me! awesomeness.

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Hahaha, I've been doing the same thing! Thanks for stopping by and glad to know you have an affinity for cycling and design too!