Studio love

Lately I've been feeling really antsy. I change my mind daily on whether I want to move into a new house or stay put. Would I want a studio at home if we moved into a bigger house or do I really love having an outside studio? Could I handle printing in a garage? I think that maybe I should move my studio to a new location and add a storefront component. Or maybe it would be better to build a structure on our fictional new land, not quite attached to the house. Do you have the same irrational thoughts?

We actually just fell in love with a house that we can't afford, especially since Jake's income is less than stable at the moment. We even had our realtor come over and look at our current house to let us know if it's sellable. So while we contemplate our options we're going to do some long-overdue home improvements (like finally nail down the moulding in the bathroom four years after we "finished" the remodel). And I'm going to keep looking at houses and daydreaming about studio spaces. The spaces from Kanga Room Systems seem like an awesome solution, as long as we can build it on concrete for the presses and they have heating for the Rochester winters.


Justin said...

I dream the same dreams. I've always thought it would be romantic to live above a high ceiling storefront. Last summer I collected free lumber, and built a shed onan existing concrete pad. It is very similar to the bottom illustration. Without heat or insulation, I only spent $300. That accounted for roofing and siding. Admittedly, I did the labor, and collected scrap lumber for quite a while, but I didn't have much out of pocket expense.
Keep dreaming.

Nicki said...

OMG! I have seen these in the past and I keep telling the hubbie I want one. Maybe he would consider it if I promise to keep my spending under control for a whole week? Good luck with the house! There is always stuff to be done! *sigh*