Building walls for NSS

After much deliberation (mostly me internalizing and annoying Jake), we decided to go with hard walls for our booth this time at the Stationery Show. This is a bigger decision that it probably should have been, but since we're doing three shows every year we figured it would be worth it financially and more than worth is aesthetically and functionally. We used paper "walls" for the last two shows which limited how we could arrange our cards and prints.

We picked up sheets of plywood and Jake has been busy assembling everything. We aren't allowed to use power tools at the show, so everything has to be planned out beforehand and bolted together. I'm really looking forward to figuring out shelving and to having a reusable booth. The best part is that we can set it up in the studio and troubleshoot beforehand, I hope!


tams said...

I'm impressed. We are renting (insert huge price tag) and I am left wishing we had someone handy on the East Coast to build some for us.

Nicki said...

I hope they work out well for you! Transporting them must be a chore but it seems like a very wise decision!

This book is going to be the death of me!!!!!!!!! I keep trying to "work with my moth(s)" and resist the urge to start over! Consequently, what was originally going to be 9 pages turned into 18! Will the darn thing even function as a book when all is said and done? We shall see! Ahhhhhhhhh!