Dream Cabin

The end of the semester is always crazy, but paired with prep for the stationery show and some very sick puppies I have been fantasizing about a vacation. A real vacation. With no phone, no internet, few people and several books. I also have a longtime dream of owning a small cottage or cabin. So, when my boss showed me his friend Michael's cabin I fell in love. LOVE. Such a quiet, perfect space to get away. I really think Jake and I might book as stay here - once in the summer to enjoy the creek and hiking and once in the winter because I've never gotten to vacation in snow. You can check out the rental listing here.

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Nicki said...

Here is a listing for Redfield, NY in Oswego County, (Tug Hill) near our camp. http://www.nothnagle.com/Properties/Details.aspx?MLS=19&M=S218920 There may be others in Orwell (where we are). You can usually talk people down on the price. Also, our camp neighbor is selling his camp and it is adorable! If you and Jake ever want to get away for free, just let me know and we will give you our key for the camp! You can see pics of it on my fb page. Seriously!! The offer is there for good!