Countdown to NSS, 4 weeks to go

We have exactly four weeks until we leave for the National Stationery Show. We just ordered four cases of paper and tons of new envelopes. No room for it all in the studio, but we've been printing so much I hope we have enough for the next few weeks.

Wall Update: My friend Sara has agreed to let us borrow her van for the show, which means we're going to have hard walls, providing 4x8' sheets of plywood will fit in! I think we'll probably try to see if we can pick it up this weekend and start making a mock booth in the studio.

Random related info: I still don't have a to-do list for the show, so I guess I should make one! I know I'll forget something if I don't put one together. But I'm also afraid to see everything in one spot.

*We printed these invitations a few weeks ago and I love how they turned out! The blind deboss is so perfect with the rich black ink.

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Christine said...

Best of luck with all things setup and selling!