To Conquer!

Spring break is almost over for me, but I have a few goals. I figure if I post them here it might inspire me to actually cross them off my list!

Things I did today (yay motivation!):
*finally purchased a real web domain and uploaded my site (thanks, Luke!)
*went through the unopened mail that had been sitting near my front door for weeks
*sorted through all my email since can it be this hard to keep up?
*brushed both dogs...not an easy task at this time of the year
*stopped by the insurance company to fork over money for studio insurance
*developed two of my three screens for a print I'm working on

On my hit list:
*reply to the email in my newly sorted inbox
*sort the hidden email from the last year (!) and send most of it to the trash (I have the hardest time deleting messages. I always think I'm going to need them.)
*finish filing my GIANT pile of papers so that we can file our taxes
*finish my print for the exchange Abbey and I are organizing (I'm late, but I'm one of the organizers and half of the participants are late, too!)
*hand-stitch the opening of the flocked throw pillows I started weeks ago
*clean out the refrigerator for garbage night
*clean up all of the files on my desktop, even the ones I've hidden in the pseudo-folders (like my "Arrg!" folder)
*catch up on Lost and my knitting

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