A new pup?

Well, we just got a new dog, kind of. We actually fostering her for two weeks before me make a decision. Cassie is a yellow lab and we think she's about nine months old. She is incredibly sweet, but she's the complete opposite of Tipper. She's pretty lazy most of the time, especially for a puppy. We're trying to teach her what her name is, but sometimes we think she's deaf, or just stubborn. She does LOVE other dogs and wants to play with them constantly, but her interest in people is fairly limited...am I just being needy? She is an amazing cuddler and lays her head on our shoulders when sleeping. We thought it might be a good idea to get a very different dog from Tipper, but she might not be the one. I'll keep you updated on her progress and if we decide to keep her.

She was in rare form this morning and was being quite frisky after her walk. We're thinking her nickname should be Clunky since she still seems to be growing into her body.

She chewed through her leash the first day we got her when Jake was in the shower. Luckily we have a spare!

We found her through Rudy's Rescue. This is her Petfinder page.

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Duchess von Schmolio said...

She is very sweet - maybe you just need another puppy friend to show her that humans are fun to play with too...