Prints galore!

I'm in Kansas City for the annual Southern Graphics Council printmaking conference! The conference this year seems super organized and the graphic identity is awesome. Our name tags actually have a little pocket for a small perfect-bound schedule of events. Right now I'm sitting in the lobby of the hotel (no wireless in my room) and watching swarms of printmakers walking by. Lots of familiar faces. Most people are either headed out to a few openings in town or to the bar. I wish I had the energy to make it to the openings, but my flight left at 7:00 this morning and I already walked a few miles around town. I'm also playing internet-liaison for a few friends who are stuck in Chicago and can't get a flight down here until next week (what!?!). I'm hoping they can get on the Greyhound and make it down by tomorrow afternoon. I get back Sunday night, so hopefully I'll have tons of news and great artists to post.

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Abbey H said...

I'm so damn jealous! Have a cocktail for me and see lots of great stuff. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.