From Flat to Phat

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from a really great printmaking show in KC, From Flat to Phat. The idea was to take printmaking to a new level and make prints and multiples in a different context that the flat papers we usually print on. This was one of my favorite shows from the conference.

Temporary tattoos to make the body a walking print.

A sort of photocopy catalogue of found objects. I liked this piece because it lacked the preciousness of a hand-pulled print and really utilized the idea of printmaking as a democratic means of distribution.

Your art is better than mine...use the cell phone to call and argue the point with the artist.
Eighty-two dozen boob cookies. Really pushed the idea of the multiple and encouraged viewer participation and interaction with motherhood and lactation. {This piece was spread out on a table for the opening, but was being packed up when we finally get back to photograph it...we snuck in on the day of de-installation.}

Political war piece, complete with tanks screen-printed on felt and obsessive tallying.

Stuffed, screen-printed Jesus dolls. Take a card from the tool belt, mark off your sin(s), and nail the doll onto the wall.

Beautiful printed boxes. I love the incorporation of the seed pods. Andrew really wanted to take one, but his proper mid-west upbringing curtailed that impulse.

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