Well, I think I'm close to opening up my own print shop {letterpressed and screen-printed invites and stationery}. But, I need to come up with a name for the press. I really like ps press, but that website is already taken. I've also been tossing around printed specialties, but that seems a little uptight. I'm looking for something that is versatile enough to function as a high end letterpress shop and a funky space to collaborate with other artists and printers. All of your thoughts and ideas are appreciated {maybe even someday with royalty money!}.

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andrew said...

I am SO jealous! Are quiting the day job thing? I guess as an adjunct though you can teach a couple classes and run a press.

What about a name that relates to place... I was thinking I'd call mine "floodplain press" because Omaha was basically founded to get away from Council Bluffs which is in the middle of the floodplain. Omaha on the other hand is on higher ground.

hmmm Rustbelt Press, Rustbelt Runs, Inkstreams Press, something fun like Sugar Haze Press, or simply an object you have that would be a cool name like Hammer Press.