Good-bye mini eggs

Hope you all had a nice weekend. We went over to Amber's for what turned out to be a white-trash Easter pot-luck. I made a killer Tater-Tot Casserole that was truly delicious. We also had corn on the cob {frozen}, dinner rolls, smoked ham {for the carnivores}, canned peas, garlic bread {more carbs}, and angel food cake. Afterwards, we ate candy, knitted, and watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Mini-egg season is officially over now, but hopefully we can still get a few bags on sale.

I went to school today to help a student with her screen-prints and spilled an entire can of screen filler on her! I was mortified, but she was such a good sport about it. Luckily, they were her "art" jeans and she was wearing leggings under them and a t-shirt under her sweater. Right now they're in my washer {the least I could do} and all of the filler came out!

My mom found a box of my old jewelry this weekend and I pulled these awesome earrings out! They used to be one of my favorite pairs. The parrots even have hand-painted chest hair. What could be better?

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Duchess von Schmolio said...

A-hem...white trash!?! That was the most fabulous Easter ever and you're lucky you were part of it!