We had a very awesome time at Marni's 30th birthday party last night. The theme was 70's bingo and everyone at Empire Bingo thought we were nuts!

I was one number away from winning full-board bingo. And B7 was actually the next ball to pop up, but someone called bingo before that ball was read aloud! Brian was the only person from our group to win {from the $250 pot, but split 8 ways}.

Our group of dressed up party-goers.

Dinner at Don's Original: Where Quality Predominates. Jake looked amazing with his super-tight jeans and slicked back hair.

The birthday girl at Don's.

We ended the night at Marge's Lakeside Inn and had a blast sitting on the beach and later in the bar.

The best picture of me and Jake, ever! I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be married to this sleaze ball.

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LindsayMarie said...

we're so dapper! i love it!