Co-Pilot of the Elder Avengers

Co-Pilot Mcfly here reporting on tree peonies, flea markets, and sunscreen. Our adventures started early this Sunday morning (9:30 am! and after Amber's party too) with a trip to the Avon Flea Market. I bought one Ballerina platter, and a Pennsylvania hankie. Rachael bought a rockin' dress she plans on wearing to bingo Friday night. It fit her perfectly- I only wish she had sent me a picture to post, but alas she will post one soon.

Next we drove to Linwood Gardens located in the simply named York, NY and found ourselves surrounded by incredible gardens and a group of family bikers in possible the most beautiful place ever. The house was dreamy- opening up to vistas of fields and gardens. We oogled over plants we could never afford.

Everywhere we turned were men in bicycle shorts and women in these strange bicycle skorts. Surprisingly none made it into any of our pictures. But it was hard to avoid the many macro lenses stealing these poor flower's souls.

The day ended with a trip to my favorite church store in Lima (no way am I sharing more information than this) where I finally found the milk glass snack set of my dreams, and Rachael picked up a replacement chip and dip set for one previously ruined in a better forgotten accident.

The rain finally came down on our way out (pelted us), our gardens are sleeping peacefully for the first time in months and I now go to lay my terribly sunburned shoulders to bed.

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