No. 4

Last Thursday Jake and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. I wouldn't exactly say that it was in style, but it was definitely us. I alternated between working on some new designs for a client and lending Jake a hand while he changed the springs on my car. Then we ran a few errands and stopped by the grocery store for some good cheese and a gourmet pizza, which we ate at home with leftover cauliflower soup. It was a really nice night, one that we were able to spend together quietly.

And somehow we managed to tie up all of our loose ends on Friday to head out for a vacation with Jake's good friend from college. We finally finished packing and got on the road at seven in the evening, whew! We stayed the night in Philly, took our time the next day at a beautiful garden (more on this later) and finally got to the Outer Banks around midnight on Saturday. I'm looking forward to some sun and saltwater taffy this next week. And a bit of work, but I'll try to limit that and actually take a break.