Vacation Journal: Part 2

Day 5, beach

Another lazy start even though we set the alarm. More french toast, but not as much as yesterday. Jake makes me learn a new game. I hate the way it's scored. Obviously I do not win. Long walk on the beach and it starts to rain. The beach clears out. The rain feels cold, but the ocean seems warm. We're already wet so we take a swim. Then we read for a few hours in tiny blue beach chairs. Jake is very cute. Head back to town for a tostada and putt-putt. The course is packed but we have fun.

Day 6, bike ride and beach (duh)

Got up a little earlier. Last of the french toast regimen. Bike ride to the Whalehead for an arts festival. I buy a Yes We Can etching from a real printmaker. Air conditioning at the wildlife center and a collection of hundreds of decoy ducks, made from canvas, wood, cork. They're awesome. Bike past the lighthouse and back to the house. 11 miles today. It's HOT outside, my butt is starting to break in. Head to the beach. The lifeguard swims out to Jake and Harrison to make sure they're ok since they're out so far. They're fine of course. A small crowd watches to make sure.The guard tells them about rip tides when they come back in. Sweet corn for dinner. A long game for the others.

Day 7, travel day, Bethany and Rehoboth Beach

Got up at 9 to pack, on the road by 11. Goodbye OBX, we'll miss you. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is terrifying. Jake drove it this time. Boardwalk fries with vinegar, caramel corn, saltwater taffy, "cookies" for the puppies from the boarwalk at Bethany Beach. We missed this kind of hustle. Then north to Rehoboth. This beach is much different. Waves break right on the shore line and kids get swept along easily. A nice man takes our picture while his son watches. We sit on the boardwalk facing the sea and watch the sky darken.

Day 8, travel and home

Get up and drive through the rest of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and to my mom's to pick up the girls. Visit with Jake's mom and grandma. Drive the rest of the way home. Susie sleeps on my lap the whole way and Cassie takes up the entire back seat. It's late, but we're happy to be home. Our bed is so comfy.