My {semi-reasonable} list of goals for the new year.
This is probably pretty boring and somewhat lengthy, but I'm putting it out there so that I have more incentive to stick to it.

1. Spend more time at home. Last summer Jake and I instituted a monthly "weekend at home", where we would try to stay home to work on the house or just spend some well-needed time together. During this time we started a few house projects, but really didn't finish anything. I would really love to actually resolve these projects {home office, organize closet, etc} along with a few others this year.

2. Cook 2-3 meals per week. I used to love cooking and I certainly love to eat, so cooking at home only 2-3 times a week seems completely reasonable. There have been weeks in the last year that I don't think I ate a single meal at home, let alone had time to turn on the stove. I'd love to try out some new recipes and some of my favorites {cream-braised brussels sprouts} have been taunting me.

3. Get in shape. I joined the gym months ago, but have only gone to a handful of classes. I hate working out, but I really do love going to a few dance-type classes. My specific reason for this goal is that I'd like to be able to walk up the four flights of stairs to my studio without getting winded. I would like to think I can make 2-3 classes a week - the trick will be to actually schedule it on my iCal.

4. Organize my filing system. This is a biggie. My current system entails switching purses when one fills up with receipts and putting all of our snail-mail in a box for sorting "later". Obviously, this system doesn't work well when I need to file taxes or find our dogs vaccination records. I think I'm going to keep an envelope in my purse for receipts and empty it monthly into a folder. As for the mail, Jake is really good about sorting and shredding, so I'm going to enlist him to help with the filing once a month.

5. Keep in touch with friends and family. It always seems like it's easiest to take for granted the people you are closest to. I know I am quite guilty of forgetting to call friends back or working on my laptop when I should be joking about contestants during Survivor nights. Sometimes there are just too many deadlines, but sometimes it's just that I can't let go of my work. I'd love reinstate knitting night or weekly dog walking {my puppies feel neglected, too}.

I know that most people are making similar resolutions during this time of the year and I have few illusions that I'll be able to maintain all of my goals in the coming months. I can only try my best. I am comforted, though, with the fact that I love my life - I just want to make a few healthy lifestyle improvements. Here's to starting the year with my best foot forward!

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MeganMonday said...

Resolutions are always good to come up with... even if you don't keep them. At least they clarify your intentions and allow you a moment to reflect, right? That said, I don't really do new years resolutions...maybe I should! :)
So when are you coming to Chicago for the print conference, dear girl?