under the weather

It's Tuesday night and this week is already kicking my butt!  The reprinted invitations are officially out of my hands again.  My fingers are crossed that FedEx comes through!

I think I caught a cold from an incessantly coughing girl who sat near me on the airplane last week.  In spite of being in a fog the last two days, I think I managed to give a decent lecture about my artwork this afternoon to our senior class.  It was actually a little hard for me to talk about the frequency with which I make work these days.  Well, my theory on this front seem to be fairly well founded...when you start a business, you stop doing just about everything else. I managed to stumble across an article that compares starting a business to having children.  Let me tell you, my business-baby is almost three and I'm starting to see room for me to bring artmaking back into my life...finally. I think the new collaboration has helped that a lot and there are a few more in the works!

Before I head back to my hot chocolate and snuggly pups, I thought you should know what my Valentine's plans are...watching Jake jump into lake Ontario!  Sunday at noon hundreds of adrenaline junkies will brave the cold to raise money for Special Olympis.  It's quite the spectacle.  If you want to join his zombie team or sponsor him let me know!  If you're in the area, stop by and see it for yourslef!


Christine Caruana said...

i wish i was going to be in town to see everyone jump in lake ontario! sounds like a really good time.

i liked your lecture. i can see how choosing between new business and artmaking would be bitter sweet. But in the end you have really just expanded your horizons in artmaking, not really stopped. And besides you get to inspire all of us undergrads who are still working our way up to the possibility of making art as a business fulltime. :-)

Susan Link said...

Hope you get your invites out in time. I just found your blog awhile ago and starting following it. I have not run into you in awhile sounds like you are doing good....