I heart mischief

This weekend is the annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. It's one of my favorite shows and sadly I often have to miss it! This year is no exception. I'll be in St. Louis for a printmaking conference and I'm so excited about that. If you happen to be near Buffalo, I suggest you take a trip to see the fair. You'll even get to see new work by my friend JoAnn, who makes gorgeous embroidered pieces from vintage ephemera. You can also see her work in her shop Vintage Refashioned.


Christine said...

Hey Rachael!

I wish I could go to the Buffalo show too! On a happier note, Greg mentioned that Drive By Press will be in St.Louis for the conference too. You should stock up on wood blocked zombie apparel for Jake.


Nicki said...

Of course, I heart the stitching! I hope you have a great trip!