SGCI Recap No. 1

I spent part of the past week in St. Louis for the annual SGC International conference. SGCI is the largest printmaking organization in the country and this conferences was awesome. Imagine 1600+ printmakers in one city, packed into hotel rooms, geeking out at the bar talking about art and the best way to pull a print. Then add workshops, demos, panel discussions and art openings. I know, it's mind-blowing! Over the next week I'm planning to post images from the conference and art from printmakers I got to meet.

One of my favorite parts of the conference is the open portfolios on the last day. During this time about 500 artists are allocated table-time to show their work. I figured I would show you some of the work that inspired me.


I bought a piece from Nguyet Nguyen. She works primarily in screenprint making monoprints (one-of-a-kinds) and then altering them with drawing and collage.

Macy Chadwick from In Cahoots Press had some stunning letterpress prints and books. The books were truly incredible and I wish the photos could show just how great they really were.

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blackbird letterpress said...

wow! those books are beautiful!!