SGCI Recap No. 3

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Hand at the SGCI open portfolio. She makes beautiful multi-plate etchings (above) and I was really drawn to the contrast between the rich black areas and the more delicately drawn areas. I even got to add one of her small etching to my collection!

These prints were made by Emma Nishimura. The top two are etching/aquatints and the bottom two are photogravures. I'm particularly interested in how abstract these landscapes feel and the softness of the imagery.

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susan heggestad said...

I love Nicole's work! And she is such a sweet woman... we went to school together for awhile, and are fellow "friends of froggy"(Lloyd Menard of Frogman's Print & Paper workshops). Every time I see her work, it just gets more and more fantastic!
You should see her paintings.