Sun and MASS MoCA: Day 3

Yesterday felt like it could be the start of spring. We finally had SUN in Rochester. It's truly amazing what waking up to a sunny bedroom can do for me (and anyone who is in contact with me in the morning)! The studio had the best light late in the afternoon, lots of long shadows.

Yesterday was also Cassie's 4-year adoption-day. I can hardly believe that we had second thoughts about keeping our sweet girl. She celebrated the day by sleeping on the couch...all day. And getting some special treats of really good cheese. She probably didn't appreciate it as much as I did :)

What better way to end this light-filled post than with this piece made by Alyson Shotz using reflective materials and wire. It created some of the most interesting shadows in the entire exhibition. I especially loved the overlap of shadows and where they moved from wall to floor.


Geoffrey b Zeiner said...

I enjoyed visiting your studio! I could sniff those presses all day.

Jim said...

Those shadows are way better then those paintings!

Christine said...

oh cassie! and boy do I miss the days of printing in the studio with long shadows (and the bright flags swaying on the adjacent building). Makes me miss Rochester and Pistachio Press! Come visit again soon! :-)