Too sad for words

The death of five Fairport girls is so unbelievably sad. My heart aches for their family and friends.


Friday night was the Rochester Contemporary annual art auction. I was hoping to buy something but was out-bid {probably a good thing since we're broke this month}. One of my favorites was a piece by Robert Marx, a printmaker/painter who has a studio in the same building as mine {similar to the one above}.

Ice cream...

...for the dogs!

Cassie finished her Frosty Paw first and tried to move in on Pancake.

It's {almost} official

I now have an awesome logo for the press...thanks Alex! Now I just need to get my butt moving and start printing.
Lindsay and I headed to the studio today to work on some clamshell cases.

On the way back we got ice cream at the Cornhill Creamery and admired this view of the city {it really is beautiful this time of the year!}. My two favorite flavors at the Creamery are Donatella {chocolate hazelnut} and Baklava {with real pieces of baklava}.

Another Year Down

Although Jake and I have been together for 10 years, we only officially had our second anniversary on Monday. We try to go on a vacation instead of exchanging gifts, but we were a bit lazy in planning anything this year and just went out to dinner. Hopefully we'll plan a camping trip for later in the summer. If we were exchanging material possessions, here's what I could {probably not} expect:

2nd Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Cotton
Modern Gift: China

10th Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Tin or Aluminum
Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry


I adore these containers from Clio. I was able to see them in person on my trip to NYC, but no money means no new dishware!

And, of course, I wish I could have these as well.

These melamine plates are a bit more in my price range!

Pistachio Press

I might have found my shop name {thanks Amber}. What do you think about Pistachio Press?

In a New York Minute

I'm excited to report than Amber and I finally got to see the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design on Thursday. We took a very packed two-day trip to see the show and run around Manhattan. I can't say that I was completely and utterly blown away by it, but I did like the show. There were a few pieces that I really loved, especially Piper Shepard's intricately hand-cut lace fabric panels {above}. They hung from floor to ceiling and were meticulous.

On Friday we headed over to MoMA. I'm not usually too up for the big museum trip to see the usual suspects, but this was a good trip. I got to see prints by printmakers {whoa!}, with the feature spot going to Kara Walker for Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War. Here are a few more highlights:

Projects 85: Dan Perjovschi, a political installation in the atrium.

50 Years of Helvetica {it's everywhere!}

Everything in the Architecture and Design Collection {I felt like I was in the biggest, baddest thrift store}.


After taking {and failing} this helvetica quiz, I found Letterbox's anti-helvetica t-shirt. I've also heard wonderful things about the film Helvetica, although I missed the screening at RIT.

Too Cute!

Congratulations to Abbey and Phil, proud new parents of an exceptionally beautiful baby boy, Emmett! I can't wait to meet him!


We had a very awesome time at Marni's 30th birthday party last night. The theme was 70's bingo and everyone at Empire Bingo thought we were nuts!

I was one number away from winning full-board bingo. And B7 was actually the next ball to pop up, but someone called bingo before that ball was read aloud! Brian was the only person from our group to win {from the $250 pot, but split 8 ways}.

Our group of dressed up party-goers.

Dinner at Don's Original: Where Quality Predominates. Jake looked amazing with his super-tight jeans and slicked back hair.

The birthday girl at Don's.

We ended the night at Marge's Lakeside Inn and had a blast sitting on the beach and later in the bar.

The best picture of me and Jake, ever! I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be married to this sleaze ball.

Sitting in style

Here's my new desk chair. It's a little higher than my old one and makes typing on the laptop much easier. And, it's a beautiful shade of green! I got it while shopping for Marni's birthday present at the Crossroads Country Mall.

Bathroom Decor

I've been trying to figure out what to hang in our bathroom for almost two years and I finally found collection of plastic Burwood hobnail baskets and vases. I started with only one vase and have now ended up with groupings of vases {not pictured due to bad lighting}, small baskets, and the big basket. Now I just need to get some airplants {below} for the large basket and we'll be all set!

More peonies

Just a few more pictures from the Tree Peony adventure. Thanks to my guest-blogger Marni for her recap of our great summer day!

Shopping for summer

Lindsay just reminded me how cool is. Isn't this is a great bag {I have a thing for silhouettes}?! The bungee cord handles seem like they would hold up to anything I could throw their way.

This lunch bag makes me want to pack my lunch every day, even if that means bringing leftovers!

Awesome gift tags featuring some very cute pups {thanks Marni}.

Co-Pilot of the Elder Avengers

Co-Pilot Mcfly here reporting on tree peonies, flea markets, and sunscreen. Our adventures started early this Sunday morning (9:30 am! and after Amber's party too) with a trip to the Avon Flea Market. I bought one Ballerina platter, and a Pennsylvania hankie. Rachael bought a rockin' dress she plans on wearing to bingo Friday night. It fit her perfectly- I only wish she had sent me a picture to post, but alas she will post one soon.

Next we drove to Linwood Gardens located in the simply named York, NY and found ourselves surrounded by incredible gardens and a group of family bikers in possible the most beautiful place ever. The house was dreamy- opening up to vistas of fields and gardens. We oogled over plants we could never afford.

Everywhere we turned were men in bicycle shorts and women in these strange bicycle skorts. Surprisingly none made it into any of our pictures. But it was hard to avoid the many macro lenses stealing these poor flower's souls.

The day ended with a trip to my favorite church store in Lima (no way am I sharing more information than this) where I finally found the milk glass snack set of my dreams, and Rachael picked up a replacement chip and dip set for one previously ruined in a better forgotten accident.

The rain finally came down on our way out (pelted us), our gardens are sleeping peacefully for the first time in months and I now go to lay my terribly sunburned shoulders to bed.

Weekend fun

I had a great weekend , some of which consisted of thrifting and cookouts. This is another embroidered piece to add to my collection, which is happily hanging in our sun porch. I actually got it for free {with some other purchases} at a great garage sale in Amber's neighborhood.

Yummy cake and lemonade from Amber's awesome cookout. Not only was the food great, but we also got to play bocce ball, badminton, Wii, and Guitar Hero.

Luke, Marni, and Amber chilling out on the deck.

Lindsay found us an awesome new desk for the office {the white one}. Now we can finally get rid of the old metal Walmart special and work more productively!

And I couldn't resist showing you all how great Cassie and Pancake are getting along! They love to nibble on each other's sweet!

***Stay tuned for guest-blogging by Marni about our incredible visit to the Tree Peony Festival at Linwood Gardens.

I've been seriously obsessing about a Coach knockoff that I saw at the Public Market last week {not quite this one, but yellow and white}. I didn't want to spend $45 on a bag, but I keep thinking about it. I hope that it's not there the next time I head over to the market, or I'll have a pretty big decision to make!

Cranes and birds

Check out this gorgeous fabric from Aunty Cookie. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I just bought the Home Sweet Home fabric {bottom}! It's way too awesome to let it gather dust in the closet, so hopefully I can make something equally awesome without messing up! Hmmmm... Her Etsy store is here.