five days a week

Today started out like any normal day. I took my recent orders to the post office, came home, checked the box. I'm awful at sorting the junk mail, but I love checking my mailbox in the hopes of finding an unexpected letter from a friend.

And then I checked my email found out that the Postal Service may be cutting service to only five days a week. On the surface it doesn't seem like this should be a big deal, but image not getting any mail on Tuesdays! This is such a sad prospect, especially for someone who makes stationery. I shudder to think of the day when I can no longer say hi to my mailman, who is so sweet even though Susie barks like a maniac every day at 11:45 at the sound of him opening the mailbox.

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megan said...

that's crazy - I like getting mail on Tuesday

shanna murray said...

a bleak thought, at best. what's next, I wonder.