mmmmm, chocolate cake

I spent the weekend trying to fight off yet another cold and pre-celebrating my birthday with friends. On Saturday, Sara made me the most delicious triple layer chocolate cake covered with ganache and filled with mascarpone and raspberry goodness - yum! Then we went bowling with a small group at my favorite 8-lane bowling alley/bar. I hope that I can choke down enough Airborne to keep this cold at bay for my actual birthday, so that I can enjoy dinner with my sister at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant.

{image from thePhotoZoo}


andrew said...

Happy Birthday! I wrote on your facebook wall. But something tells me you never read that. Either way have fun and enjoy your trip to the ethiopian restaurant. I'm jealous we don't have anything that exotic here in Omaha.

Brinn Goddard said...

I hope you have a great birthday and a good time with Lins!