a new space

This semester I gave my students the option to keep a paper sketchbook or to keep a blog "sketchbook". Most of them just looked at me like, yeah right. And then I thought maybe I was just giving them this option because I would have wanted it when I was in school. So, I've just started a new blog called a photo and a link. It's mainly a way for me to keep track of great artists so that I don't lose the names I've scribbled on scraps of paper and tucked into my back pocket.


shanna murray said...

I love your new space. It will be a treat for me to reap the benefit of all your hard work linking and posting, you have such a great eye! xo

teresa said...

I started doing this on Tumblr. As I haven't used blogger before I can't compare the two platforms, but I can tell you that Tumblr is super simple to use - you might like to point your students to it.