Handmade for the holidays

Rochester's free weekly newspaper, City, just published a great piece on shopping local for the holidays. And although I'm biased because they interviewed me (yay!) I truly think that buying handmade and shopping locally is so important. It makes a difference in the economy, it's reassuring to know that the product wasn't made in poor labor conditions, and it's a gift that can be cherished for much longer than something mass produced. As someone who makes stationery, I love that people are starting to place more emphasis on handmade items, that they want to take time to hand write a note and not just send an email. Buying handmade shows the same sense of thoughtfulness and commitment to your commiunity.

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Nicki said...

I totally agree that hand-made and locally made items are best! I also hand-write my Christmas cards. I never understood The Christmas Letter. I just couldn't understand why anyone would want to say the same exact thing to every single friend and family member. As if that isn't enough, now The Christmas Letter is being emailed to everyone instead of sent in the mailbox. Call me old-fashioned, I know!! Oh...I couldn't wait for Christmas to give my friend the calendar! She received it last week and LOVES it! She ran her fingers over each and every page (just as I suspected she would) and oohed and ahhed the entire time!