Amazing rings by Satomi Kawakita

I have been in love with Satomi Kawakita's textured rings for quite some time. For the last 14 years I have worn the thinnest candy-store rings on my right had and after they broke a few months ago (they were 25-cents) I knew I wanted a few of Satomi's rings. Lucky for me, I got to meet Satomi and see her gorgeous rings in person at the gift show. And...I have some coming to me in the next few weeks! I'm so excited. They're a birthday present to myself (partly with birthday money from my parents). They're are so delicate and amazing. I got three tiny rings (both of the top images) and some day, when the business is booming, I'll splurge for the tourmaline ring on the bottom. Thanks Satomi!!

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abigail said...

beautiful! i love the first one!