Back from the show

It was a long week, but we made it through. The booth looked great when I got to the show and we picked up some awesome new shops. I'll be adding them to our website listing this week and we'll be shipping orders as fast as we can.


I thought you'd like to see the behind-the-scene's carnage that comes with trade shows. On the last day of the show the union workers start to assemble on the edges of the show. The exact minute the show officially ends the lights dim to half and the electricians start taking down the spots. The carpets get pulled up within 20 minutes and fork-lift operators skillfully deliver empty crates. Exhibitors frantically pull out boxes from behind displays and pile product in boxes. Booths that took days to set up are dismantled in a matter of hours. I can't tell you how seriously organized the entire take-down is. Our booth is so easy to take down that I prefer to just sit around for a little while and watch the chaos. It took us about an hour to break down. And then we return the next day after everyone has left and load up the car.


marc said...

the booth looked beautiful! i saw that divertido is on your store list! i told them about you for the august show last year. jeff + i met the owner when we were in pittsburgh before we moved her. i emailed her and told her to look for your booth cause your stuff would fit in beautifully with her shop.

Gwendolyn said...

Hi Rachel!
Love your booth design it really sets your work off nicely.
I am a huge gawker at behind the scenes documentation so thanks for that too!