Valentine's Monday

Happy Valentine's Day! I like holidays that are on Mondays - they generally seem like a good way to start the week. I'm so excited because I just saw that I won a beautiful hand-painted Valentine from Aesthetic Outburst's 20 in 20 project! Isn't it sweet? I think I'm going to hang it in my home office, although it may end up at the studio above my desk. Thank you, Abbey!

I also got the most beautifully calligraphed Valentine from the talanted Grace Edmands. I LOVE getting mail from Grace! Truly, I just adore the little hearts and arrow. Thanks Grace! This was the perfect pick-me-up :)

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Aesthetic Outburst... said...

That is a beautiful surprise in the mail! Wow! I'm happy that you won a valentine, btw. :) xoxo, A