Tradeshow Bootcamp

When I started Pistachio Press I didn't know how little I knew about running a stationery business. I barely knew what wholesale was and I certainly didn't know what a trade show was. Even after I walked the National Stationery Show for the first time I didn't think I'd ever exhibit at a show myself. Well, a lot has changed since then! I've exhibited at three trade shows, I work with 50 retail shops, and I have enough work to keep myself, my husband and two interns busy. I'm proud to say that when other stationers email or call me with questions about trade shows I can actually give them useful answers.

I am quite excited that I'll be discussing booth logistics as a panelist for Tradeshow Bootcamp on March 10th. Tradeshow Bootcamp was created by Kelp Designs and I seriously wish I had the opportunity to take a workshop like this when I was first contemplating exhibiting at a trade show!

From the official website:

"Tradeshow Bootcamp is designed to give stationery manufacturers an open, honest and informative inside look at what goes into preparing for and exhibiting at large tradeshows. In addition to hearing candid feedback from stationery manufacturers about booth logistics, prepping products and marketing, we’ll also hear from retailers, press and sales reps in the industry to understand what they look for when roaming the tradeshow floors. Each workshop will consist of a one-hour teleconference call chalked full of info then finished off with an open Q&A session."


Elizabeth Switzer said...

So proud of you, darlin'! You deserve every ounce of success you have and heaps more. xo

marc said...

this sounds awesome! but i can't believe they only have one store talking for that session at the end of the month. i'd totally talk. they should have a store who isn't sole stationery! i vote for me!