Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

A few nights ago I had an anxiety dream. I won't call it a nightmare because it wasn't that scary. Honestly, it wasn't scary at all, it just made me feel nervous and inadequate. I had to find a new job and I was taking a test (aka face-off) to become a hairdresser. Part of the test was for three of us to wash and cut a client's hair in the shortest time. Well, in an hour and a half I had not quite managed to wash my friend Sara's hair while she laid on a couch. Do you know how hard it is to wash someone else's hair while they are laying on a couch?! A couch that you can't get wet. Using a garden hose. A hose that you have to turn on by crawling all the way under the couch. Well, in my dream is was way hard. Obviously it's a good thing we never made it to the hair-cutting part since I think the introduction of scissors might have been a total disater.

What does the human castle video have to do with my dream? Not really anything. But the anxiety I felt watching this reminded me of my dream and I thought it was only fitting that I share both with you.

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Kim said...

Love your dream description! Makes me laugh!