It's a full day.

Partial to-do list for the day
  • Take new plates, envelopes, packaging supplies to the studio.
  • Package all of the new cards (or as many as possible).
  • Photograph new cards and add to the shop.
  • Finish rounding corners on thank you cards for client.
  • Print three weddings and an order of jewelry tags.
  • Follow up with nyigf contacts.
  • Get receipts and records in order for taxes, ugh!
  • Start grading student projects.
  • Order more plates.
  • Work on new proofs for clients.
  • Massage.


Mr. Miller said...

You have some very beautiful work. Should make a busy day a little easier.

Maggie said...

Goodness, woman! I was with you up until you were printing 3 weddings after already doing tons, and then doing tons more. Careful to not get sick again!

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Luckily, my intern is here today, so she's helping with a lot of it! And now it's looking like we'll be finishing a bit of this work tomorrow :)

laura said...

what a list, rachael! hope you were able to get a lot done so you can take the weekend off! ;)